Moroccan Mint from

Tea Type: Black Tea

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Product Description:

This tea is made from top grade Ceylon black tea mix with peppermint leaves. Mint tea is the national drink of Morocco and is truly one of the world’s great tea blends. You will discover that infusing the blend produced a drink that was at once vigorous and soothing, thanks to the therapeutic qualities of mint. True to the spirit of the original blend our tea is flavored with a pungent and refreshing mint. This bright and invigorating tea is perfect any time of day.

Tasters Review:

Black Tea and Mint. Two of my favorite things!  I love black tea by itself or flavored – in most cases.  I LOVE Mint and just about anything minty!  Black Tea and Mint do not always work together but I am always eager to try minty black flavored teas to see who can pull it off!  Sometimes they work nicely together and other times not so much.  I will say – certainly pulled it off!!!

Moroccan Mint from is not ‘overly minty’ but I would say a Happy medium between the black tea and the mint. The aftertaste is refreshing.  I am very pleased with this tea and with the minty goodness!

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