Nepal from Damn Fine Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  This tea is no longer available, Sorry!

Company Description:

Grown high in the mountains of Nepal this tea wears faded dungarees and three days of stubble. It loves to talk about the world at elevation while knocking back pints of pale ale. It has no degree — it doesn’t need one. There is nothing it needs to know that can’t be learned from Whitman and Kipling. While the fire dies, after the others have gone home, it tells of its youth: “After the rains ended the air was intoxicating. The views, always dizzying, became more so. I would sit on a favorite rock for hours in the mornings, watching as the mists below receded and gave way to the startling colors of spring. Now, as I search for words to describe the sensation of those days, only one thing compares: falling in love.”

Taster’s Review:

I have tried several teas offered by Andrews & Dunham, and each time, I am impressed by their dedication to quality.  Nepal is no exception – this is absolutely one Damn Fine Tea!

Nepal has a remarkable “golden” quality to it.  It has a somewhat rustic taste to it, but, there is a certain refinement to it as well.  A smooth, sweet, glistening taste that washes pleasingly over the palate – very enchanting!  There is a malty flavor to it that gives richness to the taste.   I can also detect a slightly fruity note in the background – kind of peach-like – which adds to the golden quality I mentioned earlier.

This tea needs absolutely no sweetener to be enjoyed as it does possess an agreeable natural sweetness.  However, if you’re one that prefers a sweeter tasting tea, this one does take a drizzle of honey quite well.

Andrews & Dunham’s Damn Fine Teas are offered as limited edition teas, and unfortunately, this is tea (part of their first series), is sold out and no longer available.  I do recommend that you keep an eye on their website and watch for new issues and order promptly to avoid missing out on future releases!  Their teas should not be missed.

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