Sencha from Tea Forté

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Tea Forté

Company Description:

This steamed, organic green tea steeps a pale and delicate liquor. A hint of roasted chestnuts complements the freshness of a spring downpour.

Taster’s Review:

This tea is somewhat surprising for me.   I’ve tasted a lot of Sencha teas, but I can’t remember one that is quite like this.

The flavor is somewhat delicate and yet quite rich tasting.  It has a very pleasant nutty flavor to it, and here is the surprising part:  I can detect virtually NO grassy flavor to it!  It does have a freshness to the flavor, but it isn’t what I would call grassy.  Perhaps slightly (ever so slightly!) vegetative… but even that is not the right word to describe the fresh flavor that I am getting from this tea.

As it cools slightly, more of the vegetative nature does reveal itself, but, again, this is not strong… and the sweet nutty character is much stronger.  (And so delightfully yummy!)

It does have a somewhat grassy scent to it though… which (as the company description sort of implies) reminds me of the smell of grass after an early morning rain.  It surprises and even pleases me a bit that the grassy flavor does not translate into the flavor – although I am not as opposed to grassy flavors as I once was.  This tea is refreshingly different.

And I like it!

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