Jasmine Superior, Molin Hua Tea from In Nature

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: In Nature

Product Description:

Jasmine Superior, Molin Hua

This a top quality flower (jasmine) tea created from only the finest leaves, buds and flowers picked early in the morning to ensure freshness of aroma and flavour.

The tea brews to a pale yellow colour and the beautifully subtle floral aroma invites you to drink.

Tasters Review:

I am usually hot and cold on Jasmine teas.  Most of them taste relatively the same….and/or are too Jasmine-E or leave that bitter floral aftertaste behind.  This one is different.

This is one of the most smooth Jasmine’s I have ever had.  It’s NOT Bitter at all…you do get a floral-feel but it’s very sweet and very smooth from start to finish and there is a sweet aftertaste.

It’s smooth, sweet, calming, nice, satisfying, and just puts a smile on my face!  I can safely say this is now one of my favorite over-all Jasmine Teas.  And surely lives up to it’s name…Jasmine Superior!  Truly Lovely!

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