Bai Lin Gong Fu Tea from Canton Tea Company

Tea Tye: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Canton Tea Company

Product Description:

One of the earliest (and best) Chinese black teas ever to be produced, Bai Lin Gong Fu is made from buds twisted into tight elegant gold-streaked curls. The liquor is reddish-brown and tastes naturally of caramel and cream so needs absolutely nothing added. This is a wonderful example of whole leaf black tea. It it is a glorious breakfast tea and so reasonably priced for a tea of this calibre, it can be an everyday affordable luxury.

Our Buyer’s notes
“The leaves of this tea have fine organgey yellow hairs, indicating the use of buds by the makers. Delightful, easy drinking black tea.”

Tasters Review:

Since Bai Lin Gong Fu black tea won the top prize of Three Star Gold Tea Expo this summer – I thought I would review this one today!  I must note…only 91 products out of over 6,000 entries achieved three stars!!!!

I was lucky enough to try this tea a few months ago and then I just received a sample of it again yesterday!  The tea freak that I am – I compared notes and I would LOVE to share my findings with you.

Here was my first attempt a few months ago:

This is a nice crisp taste with a caramel likeness to it. It has a mellow aftertaste is perfect for my palate! This is YUMMY Cold as well! I had 1 hot cup and 1 cold cups-worth. I Enjoyed them both.  The hairy-fuzzy leaves left a little pollen-y residue to the touch but still a very neat leaf!

Now…the 2nd time I tried this was just yesterday…and here are my findings – that were much more memorable…

Right out of the package the aroma smacks you in the face!!! I like a loud tea! BUT…the smell was much different that I remember and unlike anything I have ever smelled!  The smell of this reminds me of Ravioli! A bready/Tomato type smell and I just LOVE it!!!

The taste is also a little cakey but creamy!!! It’s a full and fairly bold RED – or Black tea taste – at the beginning and leads you into a lovely mellow aftertaste. The aftertaste encourages you to sip more!

I really like this!  And completely understand why it won the awards!

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