Vanilla Almond Oolong from Boston Tea Company

Tea Type: Oolong

Where To Buy: Boston Tea Company

Product Description:

Who says Vanilla is so plain? For, if this Tea was made into ice cream, it would be the perfect balance of creamy and crunchy! Sip this sweet blend of Chinese Sechung Oolong Tea flavored with Madagascar Island Vanilla and California Almonds. Nutty and sweet, it’s the perfect afternoon treat!
CONTAINS: 110g (3.8oz) of Finest Grade Oolong Tea
SERVINGS PER CONTAINER: Servings per container approximately 50-60 cups of tea (Note: One serving of Full-Leaf Tea can be brewed multiple times.)
HEALTH: Antioxidants found in tea help to burn body fat! Rich in iron, calcium, & numerous minerals, which contain natural properties that help promote digestive enzymes to break down fat substances in the blood, antioxidants make tea tops toward being healthier!
Boston Tea’s loose leaf tea reflects the passion projected in our company’s motto: ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Tea.’ Our full leaf tea embodies natural beauty, rich aromas and the finest quality that our worldly master tea blenders ardently seek. Found in the lush plantations of Sri Lanka and mountainous regions of India and China, Boston Tea blends its tea to create the heartiest, strongest and most flavorful cup.
Double your tea-drinking pleasure; try any of these flavors hot or iced!
Gluten Free: Yes
Kosher: Star K
Ingredients: Chinese Sechung Oolong Tea, Almonds, Calendula Petals, Natural Vanilla & Almond Flavors.

Tasters Review:

Vanilla Almond Oolong from Boston Tea Company has a very hearty almond taste.  It’s on the verge of peanut butter or almond butter.  (I have found I really like Almond Butter!)  It also has a Lovely Oolong taste…somewhat woodsy…but it’s not the flavor that is in the fore-front.  It’s paired with a nice floral-sweet undertone. The creamy vanilla! A delight!  This is probably one of  the most creamy oolongs I have ever had outside of a milk oolong!

I really REALLY like this tea!  It exceeded my expectations!

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