Genmaicha Extra Green with Matcha from Culinary Teas

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: Culinary Teas

Product Description:
An exceptional blend of the Genmaicha toasted flavor and aroma, with a Matcha natural sweetness. An exotic and harmonious flavor for green tea. Also known as ‘popcorn tea’.

Tasters Review:

This is really neat tea…Genmaicha Extra Green with Matcha from Culinary Teas! It smells toasty and stereotypically like popcorn with maybe a little butter, even!

The taste is incredibly toasty and there is a good amount of sweetness!  Actually, I am very surprised at the amount of sweetness, actually!  I’m also amazed at the fact that the toasty and sweetness go together like they do!  I like that very much!

Eventho this is a more complex tea…plain and simple…I will say…this is just good…VERY Good!

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