Harvest Orange Spice from Octavia Tea

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Octavia Tea

Product Description:

All of the elements of a pie baked fresh on a brisk autumn evening find their way into this spiced black tea. Exotic cardamom and clove are married with ginger, cinnamon and clementine orange in this rich, flavorful blend. Wonderful with a touch of milk and sugar.

organic, fair trade black tea (tin)

  • 100% organic, fair trade certified black tea
  • 100% organic cardamom
  • 100% organic cinnamon
  • 100% organic ginger
  • 100% organic clove
  • 100% organic licorice root
  • 100% organic black pepper
  • Pure essential oil of orange

This tea is USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade.

Tasters Review:

I have tried a lot of orange flavored teas with spices in them and them seem to either ‘miss the mark’, have bored me, tasted very chemically-soapy-or FAKE, or just plain bad.  This one was very different!

Harvest Orange Spice smells very spicy and orange…so…I decided to under infuse for…only about 2 minutes. I didn’t want the spice to over power everything else.  Normally I steep for the longer suggested infusions because I want them stronger.  This one I was afraid to based on the extreme scent of the spices.  With the under infusion it seemed to work out quite well and I was VERY impressed with it. I suppose next time I could infuse longer now that I am not afraid of the spice in this. The orange is lovely, Juicy, and Citrus!  The spice was just right and the orange tasted quite natural.

I like this a lot.  I have found an Orange Spice Tea for me!  Thank you, Octavia!

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