Alishan High Mountain Oolong from Canton Tea Co

Tea Type: Oolong

Where To Buy: Canton Tea Co

Product Description:

Alishan (Mount A Li) is one of Taiwan’s most famous oolong tea-growing areas. The mountain has a rich soil and ideal climactic conditions. It is cool and moist with daily mists so the plants grow very slowly and produce tender, flavourful tea leaves and buds.

This Alishan oolong is hand-picked and hand-processed by traditional methods into rolled ‘fists’. It has a smooth, fruity, sweet taste and a pleasing bright colour. This tea has a complexity that means each brewing brings out new characteristics and flavours.

New 2010 spring season tea. This is a very good example of one of Taiwan’s most celebrated high-grown oolong teas. The fresh, clean almost creamy taste makes it an extremely refreshing and satisfying tea to enjoy at any time of day.

Our Buyer’s notes
“This tea is produced by an old friend of mine on a small tea farm in Ali Shan. He is a skilled tea maker and only uses the best leaves processed in the old-fashioned way to ensure a sweet taste.”

Tasters Review:

This has been on my “TO TRY LIST” for a long time!   I tried this both ICED and HOT.

HOT is crisp and clean and truly Ali Shan! All I can think of while drinking this is beautiful and happy thoughts…it’s bright and sweet! It’s oddly…but fabulously CREAMY for an Oolong! It’s a gem of an Oolong and I just LOVE it!

COLD…it seems juicer but is still very creamy and quenches my thirst! Excellent either COLD or HOT…YUM!

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