Gyokuro Asahina from Drink the Leaf

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Drink the Leaf

Company Description:

We are excited about this new selection. Gyokuro means “Jewel Dew”. The dried leaf is almost aqua-green in color, extremely bright and inviting. After infusion, the liqueur reveals a bright Chartreuse color. The aroma is intriguing; with a hint of citrus and fresh cut grass, and a mild flowery note. On the palate it’s smooth with a natural sweetness. Flavors of toasted hazelnut or Nori seaweed comes to mind. Try this tea, and treat yourself to a jewel.

Taster’s Review:

I really like Gyokuro… for two reasons.  First there’s the flavor:  It’s rich and delicious.   Second, it’s incredibly easy to brew!

This Gyokuro from Drink the Leaf is deliciously nutty and sweet. The above description suggests a hint of citrus in the aroma, and that citrus-y note translates into the flavor a little too.  This does have a very pleasant vegetative quality to it – it doesn’t taste like fresh cut grass (or, at least, what I’d imagine fresh cut grass to taste like) – it has more of a steamed vegetable kind of flavor… possibly spinach?  Yes, spinach with a squeeze of lemon and a tiny bit of butter.

The buttery note is quite delicate:  smooth creamy, sweet, and adds a very pleasing dimension of flavor to the cup.  I am not one who eats seaweed (I don’t even like Sushi), so I can’t tell you if the Nori seaweed comparison in the above description is spot-on, but I can taste a little of the toasted hazelnut.

In addition to the flavor of Gyokuro, there is the ease in brewing – it takes just 45 seconds in 145° F water to brew a cup of of this “jewel dew.”  I use my Gaiwan to brew it… but be sure to use a strainer in addition to the lid when pouring the Gyokuro from the Gaiwan to the cup.   The leaves are quite tiny, even after brewing, and can often sift through the lid.

And while Gyokuro may seem a little pricier than other green teas on the market, the leaves can be infused many times – adding value to the investment.  And once you’ve tasted Gyokuro, you’ll know that it’s worth the price!

This tea is simplicity at its very finest!

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