Assam Reserve from SpecialTea Brew

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  SpecialTea Brew

Company Description:

Ingredients:  Assam Black Tea

Taster’s Review:

This is an absolutely wonderful Assam tea.

It is full-flavored with a crisp, pure taste that I don’t normally associate with Assam teas.  Ordinarily, an Assam tea is brisk with a malty characteristic and a strong, pungent edge.  This tea is also brisk and malty, and has a strong pungency, but, it isn’t quite as edgy as some Assam teas can be.  It has an undercurrent of smoothness to it that is sweet and caramel-y and this curbs some of the edgier notes that I often get with an Assam.

Assam teas – that is, most Assam teas – while they are sweet and delicious in their own way, they can become a bit bitter if they are left to brew too long.  It isn’t often that I come across an Assam with a little less of that “grumpy” edge to it.

That is not to say I dislike the grumpier, edgier Assam teas – I’m quite fond of them too, because they have their own charm to them.  But it IS nice to come across an Assam that is smoother and sweeter – and this Assam IS smoother, sweeter, and has made me rethink what “Assam” tea means!  I like it when a tea challenges me this way.

And I like this tea!

It is delicious hot or iced.  A drizzle of honey will highlight the caramel-y tones to the tea, but, it is quite good without the sweetener too.  And while I usually take my Assam tea with a splash of milk, this one doesn’t need the dairy to soften it – it’s the teddy bear of Assam teas!   It is comforting yet bold – lovely!

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