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Product Description:

What is Pink?
Pink is a pixie powdered GreenTeaHP beverage that is designed to enhance your lifestyle by providing key nutrients to promote physical activity.

What are the “Key” ingredients?
Pink is a proprietary blend of highly concentrated green tea antioxidants, acai, L-arginine, glutamine, CLA, L-carnatine and a full compilation of berries. Pink delivers 90 mg of EGCG, the antioxidant only found in green tea, which is equivalent to 20 cups of green tea and 15 mg of caffeine.

Is this just for women?
No. Pink not only benefits women but men as well.

Who should drink it?
Physically active should drink one 30 minutes before and during their work out and one after their work out. Less active individuals should drink Pink once a day to maintain the muscle mass needed to maintain a healthy metabolic rate in order to burn calories. Everyone should drink one a day.

How is this different from protein drinks?
Pink was designed by GreenTeaHP world’s leading beverage biochemists to enhance your physical lifestyle without having to take down many calories. Pink contains three calories in each pixies. Protein drinks contain protein, fats, sugars, carbohydrates and fillers that add to your daily calorie count.

Can I substitute Pink for other beverages I might drink daily?
If you are in the habit of consuming high calorie sodas and coffees then Pink is designed for you. Here at GreenTeaHP we are committed to assisting everyone live a more active lifestyle and to help reduce your daily calorie consumption. Simply cut out a 100 calorie soda or a 300 calorie latte and replace it with a 3 calorie Pink pixie powdered beverage.

Tasters Review:

This DOES have GREEN TEA in it but since it’s not a bagged or loose leaf tea and more of a tea product or a product from Green Tea…I thought I would categorize it under our Tea Products and Accessories Section.

“Pink” certainly IS Pink in color and smells like berries and a hint of grapefruit and/or lemonade. It’s incredibly sweet and fruity without being tart and it’s very tasty.  It’s is NOT chalky…which is a definite PLUS.  Like I said – it tastes like berries – moreso strawberries…and I can also up on a pineapple and lemonade type taste. There is NO funky after taste and it’s very thirst quenching…both of which are very important findings to point out – might I add.   It’s a wonderful change-of-pace and a nice pick-me-up!

This one really surprised me and I think it’s a great product that uses green tea in it that isn’t traditionally a tea-tasting product for the sake of tea but still gives you the benefits of green tea!

If I had a large box of this stuff on hand I would totally see myself drinking it several times a week!

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