Wake Up & Live Tea by Good 4 You Tea

Tea Type: Herbal

Where To Buy: Good 4 You Tea

Product Description:

An enlivening fruity-tart green tea blend for energy, strength & immunity. Turns purple when you brew it! Rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants too. One of the most popular blends. Recommended for mornings, the office and studying! A tea made for the third eye chakra.

Ingredients: green tea leaves, hibiscus flowers, schisandra berries, jasmine flowers, ashwaganda root (Withania somnifera) & gingko leaves. (CAFFEINATED)

Tasters Review:

I really thought that since this was a WAKE UP tea that the flavors would be overpowering…but they aren’t. Every ingredient is mellow and pleasant and the hibiscus is barely there but just enough to give it that fruity edge. Without the hibiscus I think this would taste medicine-E. But it DOES assist the berries in this case so maybe they are working well together…like I said everything is so subtle – it jives! This is pretty good!

As for some of the ingredients you may not know much about I thought I would include some clickable links for you in case you are interested:

I love stuff I have to google! For example
schisandra berries:
Eleuthero Root

AND…I MUST mention other reasons why I like this company…

I love that this company is eco-friendly, focus on health, buy and support local ingredients, and the blender is VERY creative and a nice/gentle soul! 🙂

I’m so excited I was able to try this tea!

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