Peppermint (Organic) from Two Leaves and a Bud

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy:  Two Leaves and a Bud

Company Description:

This refreshing, minty, organic peppermint tea aids in digestion and gives clarity of thought. Ours is 100% pure peppermint and 100% caffeine-free (many peppermint teas are not). Fresh, pure aroma will lift your spirits and quiet your mind. Perfect after breakfast or dinner–the mint-after-a-meal custom dates back to ancient Rome, and has been a favorite cure for indigestion since Biblical times. Makes a crisp iced tea!

Taster’s Review:

I like spicy food.  Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t really like me.  After I eat something a little too spicy, I find myself suffering from some rather uncomfortable indigestion.   But, I can’t let something like this stop me from enjoying the foods that I love.

Instead, I’ve learned how to combat it.  I just grab an herbal tea like this one – pure Organic Peppermint Tea from Two Leaves and a Bud – and it offers me soothing relief (plus leaves my mouth feeling minty fresh!)

Having already reviewed this tea, I don’t know that I have very much more to say about it.  Two Leaves and a Bud haven’t changed anything about this tea – it’s still 100% pure, Organic Peppermint.  This tea has no fillers and no extra unnecessary herbs.  Just naturally sweet, fresh-tasting peppermint that is vibrant and alive with flavor.  And that’s all that I need to get the “job” done.

This not only makes a delicious hot cup of soothing relief when I have indigestion, but it is a delightfully thirst-quenching tea when iced.  Pure, pristine and perfect!  That’s this Peppermint to a … TEA!

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