Breakfast Earl Grey from Lupicia

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Lupicia

Company Description:

Earl Grey made with broken leaves brews up a robust taste. Perfect to enjoy with milk.

Taster’s Review:

Lupicia sells my favorite Earl Grey tea – it is the “Earl Grey” variety with Keemun tea.  I love it.  In fact, you can read my review of it here.

So I had really high expectations when it came to trying another Earl Grey variety from Lupicia.  They didn’t let me down!

This is a very flavorful Earl Grey.  Medium-bodied with a strong, even flavor, this tea would make a very nice breakfast tea, and because of its smooth demeanor, it would take the addition of milk very well, although I must admit that I prefer my Earl Grey teas without milk most of the time, because I feel that the milk tends to mute some of the flavors that I love when it comes to Earl Grey.

I’m finding that I want to compare the two Earl Grey varieties… but I don’t feel that it would be fair to this particular tea, which deserves to be enjoyed in its own right, because it is very rich and flavorful and delicious.  And while it isn’t my favorite Earl Grey, it is certainly a fine Earl Grey… and for those who find the Keemun variety to be a bit too different an Earl Grey for their taste, this one may prove to be just right.

The bergamot here is a bit lighter and is in harmonious balance with the black tea base here.  The result is a crisp, juicy tasting bergamot that is very refreshing, and there is a light astringency that leaves the palate feeling quite invigorated.  This variety of Earl Grey offers a very clean, distinguished flavor that I think any Earl Grey enthusiast can not only appreciate but will adore.

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