Ramona’s Spiced Pear Bai Mu Dan from 52Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Company Description:

This one was a request from a former employee, Ramona, who asked me repeatedly to create it. I just felt like spiced pear was never as exciting as some of the other crazy blends we were creating, so I never got around to it. Well, I never forgot about it either, so here it is. This one is for you, Ramona!

Taster’s Review:

Pear is one of my favorite fruits, but it isn’t always my favorite flavor for tea.  Very often, the pear flavor will be so delicate that I can hardly taste the pear.  There have been exceptions, though… like this one!

The light-bodied white tea is a lovely base for the softer flavor of the pear, because both the tea and the pear can be tasted without one overwhelming the other.   The spices are skillfully balanced so that they do not overpower the other flavors.  The pear is sweet, juicy and delicious.  The white tea is fresh and crisp.  The spices are gentle and warm, not hot or spicy.

The combination of pear, spice and white tea creates a lovely flavor that reminds me of a baked pear dessert!   Delicious!  Like many baked fruit desserts, this tea tastes best served warm.  I made a pitcher of this to serve as iced tea, and it was yummy, but, I noticed that both the pear and the white tea became a bit muted.  The result was more like a spiced cider – with the fruit flavor being pretty difficult to discern.  It was still very tasty, but, not quite as sumptuous as it is when served hot.

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