Blueberry Kiwi White Tea from Boston Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Boston Tea Co.

Company Description:

Tender as the touch of a loving hand, this delicate Chinese white tea soothes your weary soul with the sweet juiciness of blueberries and kiwi and the gentle scent of meadow-grown malva flower petals. Brew some inner-peace and drink up a good-for-you cup!

Taster’s Review:

The dry leaf smells of fresh fruit – berries and melon! – with a hint of flower and a leafy/herbal-y scent.  The brewed liquor presents a slightly different smell – it becomes more of a blending of the fruit, flower and leaf, but, it is still very lovely.  Before taking a sip, I first inhale deeply so that I can enjoy the fragrance before I enjoy the taste.

With such a delightfully aromatic tea one might think this would be an abundantly flavored cup – to the point of being overwhelming.  But this is not the case with this tea.

This is a light-bodied white tea.  The base is crisp with a tender sweetness and a fresh taste.  And the flavors of this tea are in harmony with the delicate yet complex flavors of the white tea.

Blueberry is the most prominent fruit essence here, but, I like that I can also taste the kiwi flavor here too.  Kiwi has always tasted like a cross between a strawberry and a melon to me, and that is what I taste here, together with a sweet-tart taste of authentic blueberry flavor.

I enjoyed my first cup of this tea as a hot tea, but, I found that it was even tastier when served iced.  There is something so incredibly refreshing about this blend – the natural sweetness, the balance of fruit flavors, and the light, clean essence of the white tea – that makes it a perfect candidate for iced tea!

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