Strawberry Seduction from Element Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Element Tea

Company Description:

Chinese Bai Mu Dan White tea is blended with strawberries, enhancing the natural sweetness of this full leaf and bud tea. A true favorite! Makes a great iced tea!

Taster’s Review:

This tea smells nice – especially the brewed liquor!  The strawberry scent is strong, there is a leafy element and a hint of flower too.  Beautiful.  It would make a lovely bath tea… but I made this tea to drink!

I can taste the sweet, juicy taste of the strawberry.  It is just a little tart… but this is a very delicate tart note – perhaps the most delicate tartness that I’ve encountered in a strawberry blend to date.  Rather than that “berry tingle” (as I often call it), it is more like a “berry kiss” on the tip of the tongue.  Very nice!

I can also taste the leafy sweetness of the white tea.  It is vaguely vegetative with distant floral notes.  There is no bitterness (I think you can just set this to brew and forget about it, come back to it 10 minutes later and it still wouldn’t be bitter – just as long as the water isn’t too hot!) and very little astringency.

This tea is a beautiful marriage of flavors.  It is delicious served hot or iced.  However, if you choose to ice it (and you should – it’s really thirst quenching!) I recommend adding just a pinch of sugar or other natural sweetener (such as honey or agave nectar) to perk up the flavors just a bit, as the chill does have a slight muting effect on this tea.

This is a really delicious strawberry tea.  I’m so glad that I chose to sip this today… as the skies are turning gray it is nice to have this lovely “kiss” of summer in my teacup!

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