Raspberries & Cream from Urban Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Urban Tea

Company Description:

A bowl of Raspberries and cream is a crowd pleaser for an after dinner dessert.  This delightful black tea blended with raspberries and creamy flavoring will not disappoint.  Also makes an excellent iced tea.  Enjoy this black tea from morning till night.

Taster’s Review:

This tea is delightful.

I really like that the black tea base is an Assam rather than a Ceylon (as is typically used in flavored teas) – the Assam gives this tea a stronger presence, it is bold and brisk!  It has a malty note to it that really compliments the cream flavor.

This Assam base has a richness and depth of flavor that most Ceylon teas just seem to lack.  However, it is not so strong that it overpowers the flavors, but that being said – this is TEA and tea is the most prominent flavor of this cup.

The raspberry flavor is light, sweet and juicy.  It has that gentle berry tartness at the finish that tickles the tongue.  Delicious!

The cream flavor is soft and sweet – not at all cloying – and I think that it gives just enough softness to the overall cup to cut through some of the harsher notes of the Assam – making this an extraordinarily palatable tea.  It’s a pleasure to drink!

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