Organic Fresh Green Yerba Maté from Maté Factor

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Yerba Maté

Where to Buy:  Maté Factor

Company Description:

100% Organic

Why Does Our Fresh Green Yerba Mate Tastes So Good?

We do not age our Yerba Mate: All other yerba mate sold in the USA is aged for 1-2 years before being packaged, according to cultural traditions from Paraguay, Uraguay and Argentina. However, in Brazil, mate is commonly prefered as fresh as possible. The Mate Factor prefers this style, since it preserves the life-giving nutrients and the fresh green taste.

Our Yerba Mate Process is an Art: We have spent years perfecting the “art” of creating delicately delicouse Yerba Mate. We have painstakingly learned the vast array of factors that control the final flavor and vibrance, in order to produce, The Mate Factor.

No Smoky Flavor: We dry our Mate; using an art we have developed that preserves the natural flavor and also keeps our original green flavor Mate tea free from smoke. This low heat process protects natural enzymes that exist in yerba mate.

100% Certified Organic: We use one hundred percent certified organic Yerba Mate, responsibly grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, preserving the environment where our Mate is grown.

Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Fresh Green Brazilian Yerba Mate;. (Never Smoked Never Aged)

Taster’s Review:

People can change!   Example:  If you would have asked me a week ago if I liked yerba maté, I would have responded with something like:  “I like yerba maté in some blends, and I like the roasted yerba maté, but I don’t really care for green yerba maté.”  This is the stance I’ve held on maté for many years now, ever since I first tried green maté.

Unflavored, unblended green yerba maté tends to be too earthy, vegetative and even somewhat smoky.  It was a lot of everything that I don’t really care for in tea – I like a little earthiness to a tea sometimes, but, I’m not crazy about an overtly earthy tea.  The same goes for vegetative and smoky qualities.  And… green yerba maté tends to be all of these things… and not enough of something else to keep my interest.

But… as I said at the start… people can change.  I LIKE this yerba maté!  And this is green yerba maté at its simplest – plain, unflavored, unblended green yerba maté – no fillers, flavors or other additives.

After reading the information from Maté Factor about this tea, I understand a little as to why my taste seems to have done a complete 180.  This is an unaged, unsmoked maté – just pure, dried leaf.  In it’s purest form like this – green yerba maté is actually quite delicious.

The flavor is light and rich.  It’s a little earthy and a bit rustic.  It has a fresh sweetness to it that is quite nice.  It tastes a little bit vegetative.  It’s really very pleasant and invigorating!

It is refreshing to find a tea that totally changes my ideas about it.  When I first received this tea, I was apprehensive.  But now, I know – there’s nothing to fear when it comes to yerba maté!  It’s delicious!

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