Chocolate Malt from My Sweet Honeybush

Tea Type: Honeybush

Where To Buy:
52 Teas

Product Description:

Continuing with the theme of beverages best shared, here’s our take on the classic chocolate malt honeybush-style. Sweet red honeybush, organic cacao nibs, milk chocolate chips and natural flavors. YUMMMMM!

Tasters Review:

Okay, okay…so I have been going a little crazy over this flavored honeybush…FINE…A LOT Crazy!  Here’s why…

You will NOT be able to find a Chocolate Tea/Tisane that smells better than this!

This is Incredibly Good!!!  I was thinking about giving it a 99 on my personal rating system/score card but I am going with a FULL 100!!!

This is sweet and chocolate and malty and yummy and goooey and smooth and it makes me crave more!!!!! Gimme! Gimme!

Like I said…CRAZY!


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