Blackberry Fig from The Jasmine Pearl

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  The Jasmine Pearl

Company Description:

Organic, light-bodied Darjeeling black tea blended with organic anise seed and sweet fig and blackberry natural flavors. This fragrant and gently sweet tea is excellent in the mid-afternoon, perhaps accompanied by a scone.


Indian Black Tea*, Anise Seed*, Natural Flavors.

*Organically Grown.

Taster’s Review:

When I found this tea at a Made In Oregon store, I knew I had to buy it!  First of all, I love supporting local businesses.  Second, after smelling the anise, blackberry and fig aroma of this tea (they had little “smelling” jars on the shelves so that we could experience the fragrance before buying!), my mouth began to water – right there in the store!  Finally, as if I needed further persuasion (I didn’t), it was a flavored Darjeeling tea!

I mean, seriously… how could I go wrong with this tea?

This is a delightful afternoon tea.  I say “afternoon” tea, because, well, I find Darjeeling to be just a little to “light” for morning.  In the morning, I need something with a bit of vigor… something that is going to help me shake the remnants of sleep and help get me going!

This… isn’t that tea.  But what Darjeeling lacks in “vigor,” it more than makes up for with its light and refreshing taste.  And that lightness is just right for this blend.

The muscatel of the Darjeeling complements the fruit flavors of the fig and blackberry (which seem to be more of a unified flavor, rather than two separate fruit tastes, which results in a very smooth, deliciously sweet fruit essence).  The anise is also sweet… and is a very delicate note of licorice-like flavor that seems to wash over the palate throughout the sip and linger just ever-so-slightly in the finish.

I adore this tea.  When served hot, it makes a great little pick-me-up to help with those afternoon blahs… and when served iced, it is perfectly refreshing and light!  Delicious!

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