Award Winning Premium Gyokuro Tea from Den’s Tea

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: Den’s Tea

Product Description:

As we announced on January, this year marks our 10th anniversary of serving the North American Tea Market. To celebrate our anniversary and to show our appreciation for your love of green tea, we have prepared several gifts for you through 2010. The second is “Award Winning Premium Gyokuro”.

This Gyokuro was grown on the Omura farm in Asahina, Shizuoka and was harvested in 2009. The Gyokuro grown on the Omura farm won an award at the last Shizuoka Tea Exhibition. In fact this tea is a frequent award winner at the exhibit.

This Gyokuro is obviously one of the best teas manufactured in Shizuoka. Its taste is quite special and is likely a taste you have not experienced. One sip will enrapture you and you’ll wish that the powerful herbaceous and Umami flavor would remain with you just a little longer.

Tasters Review:

Award Winning Premium Gyokuro Tea from Den’s Tea!  This is FANTASTIC!

I received an EXTRA Surprise from Den’s Tea – a while back – one that is NOT FOR SALE!!!! This is a lovely lil gem! It’s an award winner…this 10th Anniversary celebration tea!

It has an oh-so-slight aroma of fresh green fields. The taste is so light and airy, even! It’s VERY clean tasting and thirst quenching with a very small hint of earthiness to it.

I makes me think of sunshine!  Which is great because it’s fall with cooler weather and I am not ready to let go of summer!

This is wonderful! In every way!  If you ever get a chance to try this – PLEASE DO!

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