Assam from Urban Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Urban Tea

Company Description:

Alluring Assam from the famous area of Assam, India, produces a deliciously malty, smooth cup with a rich red liquor.  Expertly picked large tea leaves are transformed into dark, twisted leaves with golden tips.  A full flavored and robust black tea.


  • Assam black tea FTGFOP
  • Origin: Assam, India

Taster’s Review:

This is a rather unusual Assam – but when I say “unusual,” I mean it in a very good way!  Typically, Assam teas are extraordinarily robust and possess a pleasing malty note, a baked flavor and a “chewiness” to them.  And, don’t get me wrong, I love a good Assam with all these qualities.  That being said, it is also sometimes quite nice to find an Assam that seems to march to its own beat.

This Assam is indeed robust and malty, but it doesn’t have that same chewy note.  What it lacks in that department, though, it more than makes up for with a lovely fruit note – I can taste black currants and peaches!  It has a nice sweetness to it, as well as a slight tart note.

Another significant difference here is the lack of bitterness that can often come with an Assam.  It does have a little astringency, but less than a typical Assam.  What I am tasting is a very enjoyable, rich, smooth, well-rounded taste that is very palate pleasing!

This tea does have a slight sweetness to it and it doesn’t need additional sweetener, but, I found that it also accepts milk and honey just as well as other Assam teas, if you should wish to add them.  It is a great morning tea or early afternoon tea – and it is also quite nice as an iced tea!

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