Ceylon High Mountain from Drink T

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy:  Drink T

Company Description:

Ceylon is the ancestral name of the island nation of Sri Lanka, located off the southeastern coast of India. The name of the country was changed in 1972 but the teas are still known as Ceylon’s.

Taster’s Review:

Ceylon.  Typically, Ceylon teas are very smooth and unassuming.  By that, I mean that they aren’t particularly stout or brisk.  They aren’t particularly strong, nor do they generally possess any characteristics to them that make them stand out among other black teas such as an Assam or a Nilgiri or a Yunnan.

This smooth and unassuming nature of a typical Ceylon tea is what makes it a perfect choice for flavoring – because it won’t be too strong or brisk and overwhelm the more delicate features of the flavor being added.  It will just … be there.  Like your favorite pair of shoes:  sturdy yet comfortable.

But this is no typical Ceylon tea!  Grown in the high mountains of Sri Lanka, this Ceylon tea has some real tooth to it.  It is BRISK.  It even possesses a malty character that is quite uncharacteristic for a Ceylon!  This Ceylon tea is just too good to add flavoring to because it has enough of its own nuances to it that it doesn’t need anything extra.  It’s a fantastic stand-alone tea.

There is a bake-y quality to this tea that is deep and rich and yet there is an underlying smooth tone to it and even a sweet honey note.   There is a fair amount of drying astringency to this tea as well.

This is a very surprising Ceylon!  One that would be quite good served iced as well as hot.  When served hot, it is quite delicious served without sweetener or cream, but it is able to stand up to those additions should you wish to add them.  When served iced, I like to add a little bit of sweetener to it and a thin slice or two of lemon (or lime, or even orange!)

This High Mountain Ceylon from Drink T is a very unique, delicious Ceylon that I recommend to all tea drinkers, especially those who consider a Ceylon to be boring.  This Ceylon may change your mind!

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