Smooth Sophistication from Adagio – Signature Blend by Rachana Carter

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Adagio

Product Description:

All the feel and vibe of a coffee house with none of the coffee. The Cream and Vanilla combined with the Earl Grey Bravo will have your IQ feeling a few points higher. The Earl Grey Bravo will have just the right amount of strength and the cream and vanilla will help soften the finish of the tea. Enjoy!

Created by: Rachana Carter
Contains: earl grey bravo, cream, vanilla

Tasters Review:

Rachana sent me a few of her blends to try a while back and this one was one of my favorites!

The Dry Leaf Smell is a creamy black flavored tea aroma and the smell while infusing smells of Cream, Black Tea, and a slight hint of Earl Grey.  The post infusion smell is a mild Earl Grey with a hint of vanilla or Cream.  The Wet Leaves Smell like Earl Grey sort of but also Lavender.  It’s Medium Brown in color – a very nice medium brown, indeed!

My first sip was FULL of smoothness right away! My 2nd sip was relaxing and still velvety on the tongue.  Mild Black Tea Taste and Mild Earl Grey…my first time around but I have had other attempts since – with this tea – that have been quite bold…either way it’s a great cup!

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