Lemon Grass from Enjoying Tea

Lemongrass Plant - Photo from Wikipedia

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy:  Enjoying Tea

Company Description:

This perennial herb, native to Southeast Asia is noted for its lemony scent and ginger undertones. In Thailand, lemongrass is believed to calm the nerves and restore the spirit. The lemony flavor of lemongrass is used to flavor everything from curry to Thai milk shakes. Lemongrass is delicious brewed on its own or enjoyed with your favorite tea.

Taster’s Review:

This Lemon Grass has such a pleasant, bright flavor.  Like the name of this herb suggests, it has a lemony taste – but what I like about lemongrass over a lemon is that lemongrass doesn’t have the same tangy/tart/pucker-ish character of a lemon.  Instead, it is like the sweeter side of a lemon – fresh, vibrant, and appealing.  It also has a delicate buttery taste to it that I really like.

Over the past few months, I have really become a fan of this lemongrass from Enjoying Tea.  It has that light, lemony flavor that I really enjoy.  It is soothing when I have a sore throat; restorative when I feel drained; and refreshing when I want a hot beverage but desire something a little lighter than tea.  It also blends so well with other teas – I like to add a little to unflavored white tea or honeybush for a little extra flavor.

Lemongrass is also excellent served hot or iced.  I especially like it hot on chilly evenings.  It is naturally caffeine free and very uplifting.  For an extra treat, try adding just a little candied ginger to the brewed lemongrass – it sweetens it just a little bit and accents the natural ginger-like undertones of the lemongrass.  Delicious!

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