Dong Ding Oolong traditional medium roast Competition Grade IV from Life In Teacup

Tea Type: Oolong

Where To Buy: Life In Teacup

Product Description:

Production Year: 2009
Production Season: winter
Production Region: Nantou County, Taiwan
Style: Traditional medium roast

Brewing 1a: Oolong, ball-shaped dry tea leaves
Vessel: gaiwan or small teapot
Water temperature: newly boiled water (above 95 °C or 203 °F)
Amount of leaves: 5 gram for every 120ml total volume (Or reduce the amount to 3 gram for some heavy oxidation and/or heavy roast products)
Warm-up infusion: pour hot water in the vessel, and immediately drain it. Wait for about 1min. before starting the next infusion.
Time for each of the first 3 infusions (after warm-up): 20sec. (Or reduce the infusion time to 10-15sec. for some heavy oxidation and/or heavy roast products)
Extend infusion time based on taste for later infusions. Most oolong tea can well last for at least 5-7 infusions.

Tasters Review:

I had this for the very first time the other day and was very pleased.

This is VERY different than any Oolong I have tried!  Imagine this…roasty and toasty…woodsy and leafy…hearty and strong!   At first I thought it smelled like a “New Car Smell” type air freshener…but it was a little more leaf-like than that.  Regardless I think the reasons this is different are the reasons I like it so much! This is tasty and interesting!   If you are into roasted oolongs – try this!  If you have never had a roasted type Oolong before taste it and then taste it again!  I noticed that the taste changes as it cools at room temperature.  I also think this is pretty good cold/iced, too!

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