Tiger Hill, OP from Praise Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Praise Tea

Company Description:

A likeable, medium-bodied tea good both with and without the addition of milk.

Taster’s Review:

Something very odd about this tea when I first began to brew it and with my first sips… it was very much like a Darjeeling!  The tea leaf looks a bit like a Darjeeling, as does the brewed liquor, and the taste had a very Darjeeling-esque quality to it.  I even noted a bit of muscatel in the flavor.  The astringency was a bit lighter than in a typical Darjeeling, but, it was still quite similar to Darjeeling.

As the tea cooled slightly in my cup, I noticed that the tea began to take on more characteristics of a Nilgiri.  It developed a bolder flavor, and that which I tasted as muscatel before became more of a citrus-y note in my cup.  Like I said, it was very odd!

Anyways… my odd experience aside,  this is a very enjoyable cup.  It has a pleasant brisk flavor to it.  The citrus-y notes give it a clean, bright flavor.  As I mentioned previously, there is a light astringency to the cup which leaves my mouth feeling cleansed but it is not an overly drying sensation.  A very smooth, robust tea.

This tea would be perfect as an afternoon tea or a lighter option for a morning tea.  Although the company description suggests it with or without milk, I quite prefer this without milk.  It also has a natural sweetness to it and doesn’t need sweetener.

A delicious, well-rounded tea!

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