Sassy Green Tea with Açaí from Village Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Village Tea

Company Description:

Ingredients: chinese green tea, ginger, flavor, orange peel, peach pieces, chilies, cloves, safflower, acai

Our Sassy Green Tea with Acai combines top-quality green tea with peach, ginger, acai, and orange for a sweet and subtle spice.

Taster’s Review:

This is really good!  I love the sweet and spicy in this cup – the sweet is just a little stronger than the spicy, and they enhance each other very well.  It is really quite a palate pleaser!

That being said, I’m finding it a little difficult to discern the different fruits and spices being represented here.  They seem to merge very well – almost too well – so I can only taste wee little notes of each ingredient.

The green tea base is subtle here, it has a nice smoothness and offers a nice richness to the blend.  It doesn’t taste very vegetative or grassy to me at all, and this may be because of the type of green tea used in the blend, or it could be that those sometimes undesirable flavors tend to be overwhelmed by the other flavors in the blend.  (While I do have an appreciation for the vegetative/grassy notes of some green teas, I know that there are quite a few of you out there who do not)

I can taste a sweet smoothness brought on by the peach flavor, along with a delicate note of orange.  There is a light tartness from the açaí berry.  A subtle warmth comes through from the cloves and the ginger, and just at the end of the sip, the chili sort of SNAPS on the tongue, it isn’t really powerful or overwhelming… but it does let you know it’s there.

It’s really quite an enchanting blend – and I can see why Village Tea calls this their Sassy Green Tea!

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