A New Contest! It’s Another SororiTEA Sisters Sampler Package!

Greetings to our Readers!

We really appreciate your support.  So to thank you we want to have another contest!  This one is going to be similar to the last – but with TEN 1-ounce tins (they are made to hold 1 ounce, but the actual weight of the tea in each tin will vary due to the type of tea) and a small package of T-Sacs!

Yeah, I can’t find my camera… so I can’t take pictures of the actual tins.  Sorry!

Here are the teas in this sampler (just click on the name of the tea to be directed to that review.  Some have been reviewed here on the SororiTEA Sisters blog, and some have been reviewed on my home away from home at The Tea Review Blog):

  1. Beatles’ Blend Tea from Mighty Leaf
  2. Mable’s Rose Rooibos from Local Coffee & Tea
  3. You Put The… from 52Teas
  4. Organic Jasmine Scented Green Tea from LeafSpa
  5. Raspberry Champagne from Compass Teas
  6. Blueberry Kiwi White Tea from Boston Tea Company
  7. Sassy Green with Açaí from Village Tea
  8. Thé Au Chocolat from Lupicia
  9. Darjeeling Pussimbing Estate Reserve from Drink T
  10. Da Hong Pao from Harney & Sons

Here’s how to enter the contest:

Comment on this blog post.   Tell us which of these six teas you’re most excited to try.  Be sure to include a way to contact you in case you’re the lucky winner!

Wanna increase your chances of winning?  Here are a few ways you can earn an extra entry in the contest:

  1. “Like” us on Facebook and then include a comment on your Facebook page about the contest (include a link to the contest)!
  2. Blog about this contest on your blog and include a link to the contest on your blog!
  3. Comment in the Steepster forum thread about this contest and Follow Jennifer and Anne on Steepster.
  4. Tweet about this contest (include a link, please!) and if you haven’t already, follow Jennifer and Anne on Twitter.

This Contest is closed – the winner is teabird!  Congratulations, and enjoy your teas!  Watch for the next contest to be announced very soon!

22 thoughts on “A New Contest! It’s Another SororiTEA Sisters Sampler Package!

  1. They all sound delicious! I am most interested in Thé Au Chocolat from Lupicia, anything with chocolate in it’s name has to be good. Organic Jasmine Scented Green Tea from LeafSpa, I love scented teas, Raspberry Champagne from Compass Teas I love raspberry anything, Blueberry Kiwi White Tea from Boston Tea Company and Sassy Green with Açaí from Village Tea, if tea isn’t healthy enough on it’s own adding these awesome antioxidants will really amp it up! Beatles’ Blend Tea from Mighty Leaf, because I’m a 70’s gal who loved the Beatles, lol.

  2. I can’t wait to try the Raspberry Champagne…but they all sound yummy!! Especially on a cold snowy day!!

  3. I am most excited to try The Au Chocolat!
    Introductions would have to go as follows… Hello my name is Kristen and I am a teachocoholic!!!
    I love tea and I love dessert… put the two together and I am in heaven!
    Thanks for the contest!

  4. Beatles Blend!

    I’m a bit ridiculous when it comes to Earl Grey tea and my cupboard is filled with different kinds from different companies. I love trying new takes on the classic flavour and I’m very intrigued by what this tea offers!

  5. Beatles’ Blend Tea from Mighty Leaf! It sounds like some I might be able to convert my husband to the tea side of the force. He is a serious Beatle’s fan.

  6. I think I’m most interested in Mable’s Rose Rooibos. I love rooibos blends, and I’ve been wanting to try something from Local Tea & Coffee ever since I first heard about them on Steepster. Thanks so much for having another contest!!

  7. I’d be most curious to try the blueberry kiwi tea as I would have never thought to look for that combination in tea before. The Raspberry Champagne is a close second as I love raspberry teas!

    Thanks ladies for another contest. Liked and followed on FB and twitter and will tweet a link soon.

  8. I think Au Chocolat from Lupicia is top on my list to try. Though, the Beatles’ Blend sounds neat too!!! Thanks for this!!

  9. All of the teas sound great! But I’m most interested in the Da Hong Pao, because I have just started to get into Oolongs and this one sounds unique and delicious! Thanks!!

  10. There is nothing like a hot cup of tea on a cold winter’s day. The tea the most interested me is Mable’s Rose Rooibos. Who can resist rose, cherries, and rooibos?!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win and try a new tea blend!

  11. For me it would be a toss-up between You Put The… from 52Teas (it’s been on my shopping list on Steepster ever since Frank created it) and Lupicia’s The au Chocolate.

    I thought I had entered the contest earlier, but I can’t seem to find my post. If I already have then you can go ahead and ignore this one. 🙂

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