Golden Yunnan from Arbor Teas

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Arbor Teas

Product Description:

This exquisite black tea hails from the Jing Mai Mangjing region of China’s southwestern Yunnan province, made from the 1300-year-old tea trees found there – some of the oldest living tea trees in the world. The people of Jing Mai Mangjing’s high mountain tea villages climb their ancient tea trees to harvest the new growth leaves and buds used to create this organic and Fair Trade Certified tea. It is quite tippy, rich with golden buds and large, delicately twisted leaves. The full-bodied infusion is deep red with a molasses-like sweetness, a subtle milkiness and light coppery finish.

Ingredients: organic Chinese black tea

Suggested serving size: one level teaspoon

Tasters Review:

I’m having a really hard morning and I had a different tea planned for this morning’s review but since I am now on my 3rd cup of this for the day I thought I would pay tribute to the tea that is helping ease my frustrations.  Don’t you just LOVE how teas can do that!?  Comfort you!  I’m so thankful for tea!  Anyhow…on to the review…

This infuses VERY dark brown.  It’s a bold brew and full of malty goodness!  It’s a great wake-me-up tea and multiple infusions were successful – at least for me they were!  It smells a little bakey but doesn’t really taste chewy, per say, but it IS a delightfully strong cup!  This is a good, solid Golden Yunnan with a slight milky-smooth aftertaste especially on the 2nd and 3rd infusion!

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