Immortalitea from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Company Description:

Immortalitea tea blend is a taste sensation that anyone who has enjoyed cooking knows that there are incredible flavors to be coaxed from the leaves of rosemary and sage. Herbal teas also benefit from these old savory seasonings! Rosemary, a herb with many beneficial antioxidants such as rosemarinic acid and camphor, goes very well with strong flavors like lemon, as does sage, another healthy herb with a strong tart flavor. We have created a unique tea blend that brings together the finest green tea with rosemary and sage to create a robust herbal brew, and we’ve sweetened this blend with lemon and rose petals. Enjoy this fine mixture of vital flavors, all designed to quickly bring invigorating, heathy nutrients to every system in your body.

Taster’s Review:

This is a very distinctive tea.  I could smell the rosemary and sage the moment I opened the package, and that aroma intensified as the tea began to brew.  Such a savory fragrance!

The green tea base is fresh and slightly vegetative, which lends itself well to the herbal flavors of the rosemary and sage.  The touch of lemon further accents the savory taste of this cup, and the contrast of the sweet yet sharp flavor of rose makes this one of the more interesting green teas I’ve ever encountered.

The tea is wonderfully restorative.  I just came back from a rather vigorous walk, and this tea seems to bring me back to life!

I previously reviewed this tea, but, a really good tea such as this one deserves revisiting… or perhaps I should say, you owe it to yourself (and I owe it to myself) to revisit these delicious teas!  They are worth it… and so are we!

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