Organic Honey Vanilla White Tea From LeafSpa

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  LeafSpa

Company Description:

Sweet and slightly creamy, a nice, refreshing summer organic white tea. Citrus, honey, and vanilla notes enhance the gentle flavor of this mild white tea.

Taster’s Review:

Of the teas that I’ve tried thus far from LeafSpa, this one is definitely my favorite.  The flavor is so light and creamy!  It’s a real treat in a teacup.

The honey and vanilla flavors come through very strong given the lightness of the tea, but they are not so strong as to overwhelm the delicate flavor of the white tea.  The white tea has a sweet, fresh flavor – not a lot of vegetative or grassy taste to it.  Clean and pure!

What this reminds me of is a homemade vanilla ice cream!  Yes!  It has a light, sweet, creamy taste that is very much like vanilla ice cream, but it doesn’t have all the fat and calories!  Like I said:  a real treat in a teacup!

The honey flavor is sweet, as is the vanilla… together, you might think that this results in an over-the-top sweet flavor.  But it isn’t too sweet.  Yes, this is a sweeter tea than a typical unflavored white tea, but, it is not an overwhelming, cloying sweetness (at least, not to this reviewer with a sweet tooth!)

That being said, I do not recommend adding any sweetener to this tea, because I think the addition would make this an overwhelmingly sweet cup.  Instead, drink as is (I prefer it hot and found that it is more flavorful as a hot tea, but it is still quite good as an iced tea), and pair it with a tray of fresh fruit or possibly a fresh salad.  YUMMY!

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