Naked Strawberry Green Tea from Fully Loaded Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Fully Loaded Tea

Company Description:

It’s not North America’s favorite berry for nothing. You can see large pieces of real strawberry nestled among the highest quality green tea leaves. What a combination! What’s that in there? Rose petals? Amazingly soothing and incredibly aromatic, the fragrance of the Rose Petals and natural sweetness of the Strawberries give this Green Tea a whole new flavor. Yum.

Ingredients: green tea leaves, jasmine green tea leaves, natural flavors, strawberry pieces, strawberry leaves, orange flowers, rose petals

Taster’s Review:

I’ve not heard of this tea company before – and now that I’m tasting the tea, I’m thinking – WHY NOT?  This is really delicious.

The green tea base is light and refreshing, with a light, buttery taste.  I am not getting a strong vegetative quality to it, but, there are vague grassy tones to the cup.  The green tea tastes light and vibrant and doesn’t interfere with the lovely flavors.

The strawberry is the strongest flavor here, but, it isn’t the only flavor that I’m tasting.  I can taste a floral component, as well as a light citrus-y component to this cup.  The citrus comes from the orange blossoms – which also lends a faint floral taste to the cup.  The lightness of the citrus seems to meld perfectly with the strawberry flavor and really highlights the strawberry well.

But my favorite part of this tea is the jasmine notes I’m getting.  Light – ever so light – but so beautiful.  I like the way the jasmine floats over my tongue.  The rose is also very delicate in this cup, but quite delightful.

It is like a lovely dream.  I really LOVE this tea from Fully Loaded Tea!

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