Chocolate Bacon from ManTeas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  ManTeas

Company Description:

Get it here first!

It’s about time we added some teas to our ManTeas line of manly teas, so here’s a new offering available exclusively on 52teas (at least until I find time to add it to the site).

We’ve blended our premium Indian black teas with organic cacao nibs, imitation bacon bits and natural (and believe it or not, Kosher and vegan!) flavors. For those of you who have feared the imminent heart attack associated with trying one of these carnival/fair delicacies, fear no more. Enjoy your chocolate covered bacon treat in tea form!

Taster’s Review:

ManTeas is an offspring of one of my favorite tea companies, 52Teas (which happens to be an offspring of the now closed Zoomdweebies Tea Bar in Wichita, Kansas).  Having tried one of thier cornerstone teas – Maple Bacon – before it became a “ManTea” and really enjoying that tea, I knew I had to try this.  After all, is there any pairing in the world more brilliant than bacon and chocolate?  (Actually, there probably are, but, it should suffice to say that I love chocolate covered bacon)

The black tea base here is the basic black tea blend that is used by Zoomdweebies/52Teas/ManTeas in most of their black tea blends.  Occasionally, they’ll use something different, like a Yunnan, or perhaps add some Lapsang Souchong to the blend… but, for most of the blends, including this one, they use a blend of Blue Mountain Nilgiri and Assam and it works well with this particular blend.  It has a strong, brisk presence without overwhelming the chocolate and bacon flavors.  (Because let’s face it, if you’re going to order a tea called “Chocolate Bacon” tea, you want to taste the bacon and chocolate in the tea, right?)

The bacon part of this concoction reminds me very much of the Maple Bacon tea that I mentioned a few moments ago.  And, if you read the review that I provided the link for above, you will see that in my previous tastings of the Maple Bacon tea, I had some difficulty actually tasting the bacon flavor.  But, since that time, I have learned the secret – a pinch of salt!  A pinch of salt gives this tea just what it needs so that the bacon flavor is able to express itself properly.

Now, as for the chocolate – well, if you’ve read any of my reviews of the past, you are probably familiar with my love of chocolate.  The chocolate flavor here is nice, and it doesn’t overwhelm the bacon taste.  It is a pleasant balance… but the chocoholic in me is still wanting more chocolate despite the realization that more chocolate would possibly overpower the harmonious combination of flavors that is in my teacup right now.

Overall, I really enjoyed this tea.  It is very unique and some would even argue a bit of a novelty (noveltea?) but I for one appreciate unusual and unique flavors such as this.  It makes life just a little more fun when I can go to my tea cabinet and choose a tea like this – something that is a little different, something fun, and still get that enjoyment from sipping a delicious cup of tea!

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