Strong Assam from Shanti Tea

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Shanti Tea

Product Description:

Rich aroma, malty flavor, highly sought after.

This lowland tea known for its rich aroma and strong, malty flavor is named after its origin, Assam, in North-East India. Our Strong Assam tea is cultivated at the famous Rembeng Estate, a 100% organic tea garden and the pioneering organic estate in the region, making their teas highly sought after. Dark and copper-colored, it is a full-bodied broken leaf black tea that is great for lovers of a strong morning cup of tea. The rich flavors are accentuated by adding milk and sugar.

Tasters Review:

A very Good-Good Morning to you all!  Speaking of mornings…here’s a Strong Assam from Shanti Tea that will start anyone’s day!  Or in this case THE Strong Assam!  That’s the official name of this tea!

And it’s very rich, malty, and strong, indeed!

This is a great morning or pick-me-up tea!  Be careful NOT to over infuse.  3 minutes or less, is what I suggest!  That’s all you need. Anything over 3 minutes I believe it would start turning to bitter.

I really DO like this tea!  I love that it is NOT run-of-the-mill.  I am grateful that it lives up to it’s name, too!

Another great offering from Shanti!  One of my favorite Canadian Tea Companies!

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