China Seduction from Design a Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Pu-erh

Where to Buy:  Design a Tea

Company Description:

This is a smooth based earthy tea (Pu-erh). The after taste is what jumped out for me… or maybe it was the rose and chocolate story. If you like subtle hints of rose and chocolate then you have to try this one.

Taster’s Review:

I tasted this before I read the ingredients.  I had thought this was a chocolate and rose flavored black tea… I didn’t realize until I read the ingredients that it is actually Pu-erh!

I am telling you this because this doesn’t taste like most Pu-erh that I’ve tasted – it doesn’t have that overwhelmingly earthy flavor. (this is a good thing!) This is an amazing blend with a remarkably deep, rich flavor.  It’s awesome!

The chocolate notes seamlessly meld with the earthy tones to create a deep, savory yet sweet cocoa experience.  It doesn’t taste like the sweet, candy-bar chocolate you’d find in a grocery store.  It tastes more like the rich decadent chocolate you’d find from a gourmet chocolatier.

The rose notes are subtle.  They add a pleasant floral note with just a hint of sharpness.  And as I sit here sipping this, it occurs to me that it is the rose notes that highlight some of the earthy tones of this tea.  The ingredients work very well with one another to enhance the overall qualities of this tea.

I don’t think that this would be the right tea for someone who is looking for a strong Pu-erh flavor – but if you are someone who doesn’t think you like Pu-erh (or knows you do not) – this is the perfect blend to start out on the right path towards a harmonious relationship with Pu-erh.

This is the BEST flavored Pu-erh I’ve yet to taste.  It’s absolutely delightful!

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