Sweet Potato Pie from Lupicia

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Lupicia

Company Description:

A black tea blend with a generous portion of creamy Japanese sweet potatoes. The buttery sweet aroma will remind you of a cozy holiday gathering.

Taster’s Review:


Along with Lupicia’s October Newsletter came a sample of this tea.  I was originally going to publish this review right around Halloween, however, after tasting it, I decided it must be published on Thanksgiving!  It tastes like it should be on the holiday dinner table, right next to the cranberry sauce and turkey!

I can’t get over how much this tastes like sweet potatoes.  Lupicia has captured that flavor very well and combined it with a black tea base that melds with the flavor perfectly.  The result is a flavored black tea that nails the flavor “spot on” without losing the flavor of the black tea.

Now… I must backtrack a little here, because I can’t say with 100% confidence that the flavor is “nailed” “spot on” because I’ve never tasted sweet potato pie.  But I have eaten my share (perhaps more than my share) of sweet potatoes – one of my favorite vegetables.  And this DOES tastes “spot on” like sweet potatoes.

I can also taste a baked-pastry kind of taste in the backdrop.  It is not as strong as the dominant sweet potato flavor, but it’s there.  There is also a very pleasing buttery taste to it.

The black tea has some astringency to it, but it is not bitter.  It is smooth and rich, and in perfect harmony with the flavoring.

And while I have never tasted sweet potato pie, I can honestly say that this IS the best sweet potato pie flavored tea that I’ve ever tasted (and I have tasted at least one other!)

Happy Thanksgiving!  May your home be warmed with the presence of family and good friends, a bounty of nourishing food and delicious TEA!

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