Bergamot Sage from Rishi Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy:  Rishi Tea

Company Description:

The sublime character of sage is wonderfully balanced and masterfully combined with the citrus notes of lemon thyme and bergamot, which play beautifully with overtones of fresh pine, wintergreen and peppermint. Bergamot Sage is an original mood boosting and mentally clarifying blend, fit for anytime of day.

Taster’s Review:

This is surprisingly good.  It’s definitely the best caffeine-free bergamot tisane that I’ve come across in a long time.

The dry leaf has an appealing bergamot and herb scent to it.  As it brews, I notice that the herbal notes intensify a little bit, but it still smells amazing.  If Glade sold this fragrance as a room freshener, I’d buy it!

The flavor reminds me a bit of a green tea Earl Grey.  The bergamot flavor is strong but does not taste soapy.  I think that the herbs in this tea tone the bergamot just enough so that it can be strong without tasting like Aunt Gertrude’s perfume.

I can taste the sage too, and it gives it an earthy quality and a well-rounded taste.  The sage gives this a more masculine taste, as much of the floral essence of the bergamot is offset by the herb.

I really like this one a lot, in fact, this is one I could see myself drinking regularly.  I like that it has a very calming, grounding effect, and it does help clear the mind (and tonight, with my daughter having a sleep-over, I definitely need some clarity!)

Bravo, Rishi Tea!

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