Product Review: Jasmine Tea-Infused Chocolate Truffle from Arbor Teas

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Company Description:

Dark chocolate ganache infused with our wonderfully-floral Jasmine Pearl Green Tea and grapefruit zest, diamond cut and dipped in white chocolate.

Taster’s Review:

Editor’s Note:  This review represents part 5 of 6 reviews, one review for each of the six flavors in the truffle collection available from Arbor Teas

Of the six truffles in this collection, I think that this one is the prettiest.  The pretty lavender blossoms on the white chocolate shell are beautiful!  This is almost too pretty to eat.  Almost!

The white chocolate shell is sweet and has just a little bit of snap to it when I bite into it, just before it gives way and my teeth sink into the tea-infused dark chocolate ganache.

I worried that I wouldn’t be able to taste the jasmine tea over the strong flavor of the dark chocolate ganache.  But after allowing the chocolate to slowly melt on my tongue, I could taste the jasmine notes.  The flavor is delicate amid the dark chocolate, but I can taste the jasmine and the green tea.

I think that the addition of the grapefruit zest helps this truffle immensely.  The grapefruit essence penetrates the deep chocolate flavor and enhances the flavor of the jasmine tea, and creates a euphoric experience for the palate!  This is absolutely amazing!

Of the five truffles that I’ve tasted thus far, this one is my favorite.  Delicious!  I am sad though, that I only have one truffle left.  I must send my husband a link to these truffles in the hopes that he will order some for me for Christmas!

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