Strawberry Pie from My Sweet Honeybush

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Honeybush

Where to Buy:  My Sweet Honeybush

Company Description:

Why should apple, cherry and blueberry get all the attention? Here’s our strawberry pie flavored honeybush with real freeze dried strawberries, organic vanilla bean bits, cinnamon and all natural flavors including strawberry, vanilla and hints of butter, brown sugar and cinnamon!

Taster’s Review:

YUMMMMM!  If you like strawberry – you really must try this honeybush blend.  It’s fantastic!

The strawberry flavor is very authentic – it tastes like sweet, juicy strawberries.  There is very little tart to this berry flavor.  It is like the strawberries you might pick up at a strawberry field – fresh and ripe!  And with the naturally honey-esque sweetness of the honeybush, the fruit flavor really intensifies.

The cinnamon and vanilla add a nice dimension to this blend too.  But what really makes this blend so amazing is the buttery “pie” like flavor.  With the butter flavor in there, it gives it a butter-rich shortbread crust kind of taste.

Now, I haven’t ever really had strawberry pie other than Marie Callender’s type of strawberry pie, and I’m not terribly fond of that syrupy gunk they put in their strawberry pie.  But… I have had a lot of strawberry shortcake!  My gramma used to make strawberry shortcake using her pie crust dough which was sprinkled with cinnamon.  And that is what this tastes like!

Thank you, My Sweet Honeybush, for this lovely, very memorable tea that evokes such fond memories!

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