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Tea Type: Chai Tea (Black Tea)

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Product Description:

This Sri Lankan Chai is made from Indian spices and high-grown Ceylon tea with natural cherry and chocolate flavors. The combination of ingredients gives this tea the depth and character of those served in Chai stands prevalent in India and Sri Lanka. This tea has a superb body with mellow Indian spice notes and overtones of mocha. When brewed this chai is coppery and bright in color and is wonderful served with milk.

Tasters Review:

I was pleasantly surprised with this one…it was mellower that I expected and I am grateful for that.  I was thinking it was going to be all-spice…and nothing more but it was part cocoa and and partially spicy-E but full and a nice black chai.

I have spent 3 nice sit-downs with this chai and it is one that has made it to my favorites list.  Mostly because it is different than most of the chai I have tasted thus far.

Another reason I like this is because it’s from and I have tried several of their teas and think this is one of the many that have stood out to me.  Another reason I like is because their shipping is extremely reasonable – it’s a flat rate shipping fee of just $3.98 and if you buy $60 or more…it’s FREE.  They will also send you some free tea with the purchase of a tea pot or tea set!  AND they will even send you a FREE Tea Cup with the purchase of loose leaf tea(s) over $80!

They are a very giving company and have a nice selection as well as offer some unique tastes that I haven’t found elsewhere!

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