Kukicha Tea from shizuokatea.com

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: shizuokatea.com

Product Description:


Price: $12.00
The stems for our Kukicha come from premium quality tea leaves picked in the early spring, which are then deep steamed. This results in a very light, refreshing Japanese green tea that tastes slightly sweet and vegetal. Kukicha hardly ever tastes bitter even when brewed more than once. Its caffeine content is lower than most other green teas.

  • 100 grams (3.5 ounces)
  • Makes approximately 45 to 50 servings of tea

Tasters Review:

In the past week I have been sampling many teas from shizuokatea.com…and let me tell you I am impressed!  Clean!  Crisp!  Great quality!  Classy packaging and labels!  Very nice!

As for this specific tea…Kukicha Tea, that is, here are my findings…

The dry stem – loose – prior to infusion smells incredible!  It’s powerful and very green in every way with a vegetal yet springy and very fresh smell!

After infusion is complete it smells like veggies as well but the roasted aroma decreases a bit.

The flavor is full and smooth.  As far from ever being bitter than you could ever get….which leads me to believe this is a forgiving tea if over infused altho I haven’t put that to the test, personally, yet.   This is very clean and brothy.

This is in a different category than most Greens I have tasted…this is high quality and a pure delight!  I like this VERY MUCH!



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