White Tiger from East Pacific Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  East Pacific Tea Co.

Product Description:

This ancient Chinese jasmine tea is sure to make your mouth water. With a light flavor and an amazing floral scent, this tea will melt all of your worries away.

Taster’s Review:

OK, most of the tea descriptions that are written by the tea company, I take with a grain of salt.  Of course they’re going to sing the praises of the tea, right?

But, in this case, I have to completely agree with the above product description from East Pacific Tea Company.  This tea DOES make my mouth water, and it also melts the worries and stress of the day away!  This is one of the best jasmine teas I’ve ever tasted!

As some of you may be aware, I am incredibly fond of jasmine teas.  For the longest time, my favorite (my precious!) were jasmine pearls.  Nothing even came close for me.  But, since that time, I’ve discovered jasmine white teas, and I like jasmine with white tea better than green.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have a place in my heart for my precious jasmine pearls.  But, brand me with the scarlet letter if you must, my heart belongs to two – my pearls and jasmine white teas.

The delicate nature of the white tea has a way of bringing out the softer side of jasmine.  This tea is not sharp or perfume-y nor does it leave any unpleasant taste in the finish.  Instead, it is soft, sweet, and somewhat dream-inducing!  As I sip, I can feel my cares get lifted away as I feel my mind soar above the clouds!

The poetic qualities of this tea aside, I suppose I needn’t say it but I shall:  of all the jasmine white teas that I’ve tasted, this one is my favorite.  The white tea is sweet with faint grassy notes.  No bitterness, no astringency.  Just soft, sweet, and delicious.

The jasmine is also soft and sweet with a distinct floral note but without the sharp attitude that sometimes comes along with a jasmine tea.  It feels soft and smooth as it glides over the palate.

This is jasmine tea at it’s finest.  I highly recommend it to all jasmine enthusiasts out there, but be warned, it’s addicting!

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