Yerba Maté Chai from Tea Chai Té

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Yerba Maté

Where to Buy:  Tea Chai Té

Product Description:

Yerba mate blended with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, orange peel, clove, allspice, and star anise.    Organic.

Taster’s Review:

I’m always excited when I find a new tea company that’s local!  Tea Chai Té has a tea shop that just so happens to be on one of my favorite streets in Portland, so the next time I’m shopping there I will have to stop in for a cuppa!

In the meantime, I will enjoy some of their teas that can be purchased online.  This chai blend is incredibly warming and even though Yerba Maté tends to be very invigorating, this blend has a very soothing effect too.  Perhaps it’s the warmth of the spices that are lulling me into this unique state of comforting alertness.

The sip begins with a soft earthy flavor from the Yerba Mate and a hint of citrus from the orange.  This intriguing combination of flavors is immediately enveloped by the distinctive flavor of the cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.  Somewhere about mid-sip, a licorice-y note hits the palate, and seems to disappear just as quickly as it appears.  Sort of like now I taste it, now I don’t!  There is a strong, peppery flavor coming from the ginger and black pepper that hits the palate at the tail of the sip and lingers through the aftertaste, which is comprised of peppery notes and orange with just a whisper of licorice taste from the star anise.

This chai blend is an interesting adventure that is keeping my attention and my taste buds captivated!  I really like this a lot.  I like this with a dollop of raw honey (or if you prefer, agave nectar).  I found it is delicious as a latte – just add a splash of warmed milk or cream – but it is also quite nice without this addition. It all just depends upon your mood!

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