Turkish Green Apple Organic Tea from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Product Description:

This Turkish version of green tea, though delicate, features cured apple pieces and safflowers into a delicious tea blend. Our organic growers are able to customize the curing of their harvests and add a wide variety of flavors to their stronger blends. For tea lovers, blends such as Turkish Green Apple Organic Tea is full of great tea taste from the first sip to the very last.

Taster’s Review:

Back when I was actively blending and flavoring teas, I came up with a Green Apple blend that I was really loved.  It is one of the blends that I miss most now that I am not blending any more.  So it is very nice to be able to try other green apple blends.  This one from Red Leaf Tea is very tasty!

The green tea base is smooth and delicious.  No astringency or bitterness, just a fresh, clean taste that supports the apple flavor very well.  There is also an almost creamy note to it – buttery sweet!

The apple flavor is sweet with hints of tart.  Even though this is called “green apple” I am not finding it to be like a tart green apple, it is more like a sweeter red apple, although it is not overly sweet.  Crisp, juicy and delicious!

This is a delightful apple tea.  As a hot tea, it is very comforting on a chilly evening, but it is also quite good when iced!  Very refreshing!

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