Shizuoka Black Tea from Den’s Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  This tea is currently not available, contact Den’s Tea for more information.

Product Description:

As you may know, 99% of the current tea production in Japan is green tea. However, about 130 years ago Japan tried to produce and export black tea as a government policy.
Tea scholar, Mr. Tada (1829-1896), was sent to China and India to acquire black tea manufacturing skills in 1875.
Upon his return, he established a tea farm at Mariko in Shizuoka and since then, Mariko has been a mecca for Japanese black tea. However, black tea never did become a major industry in Japan as some peopled had hoped.

One tea farmer in Mariko, Mr. Matsumura, has been manufacturing black tea since the 1950’s as well as growing high quality green tea. Our parent company, Shirakata-Denshiro Shoten, has done business with Mr. Matsumura for a long time. Mr. Matsumura even created the manufacturing machine for black tea and is considered the father of modern black tea production in Shizuoka. His tea is made with the tea species “Beni Fuki”. The cup is mild with very little bitterness and is highly aromatic. Its flavor is different from the black teas made in major Asian and African producing countries.

Taster’s Review:

I love this tea – and yet, I am disappointed!

Not by the tea itself, but by the fact that this tea is not currently available for purchase.  This is one that I wouldn’t mind keeping on hand. I could see myself happily drinking it every day.

This tea has a wonderfully complex character.  A deep, rich, fruity quality approaches the palate first, with hints of a bitter tone toward the middle of the sip.  This is not an off-putting bitter, though, it is quite pleasant!  This tea als has a scrumptious sweet note that is making it irresistible.  I want to keep sipping it just so that I can experience that sweetness.

This tea has a toothsome quality to it as well that is somewhat bake-y … like a lightly sweet pastry.  The malty note in this tea further accentuates that pastry kind of taste.   There is a drying astringency in the finish, not a strong astringency, but just enough to give the palate a sense of having been gently patted dry, readying it for the next sip.

Yes, I really enjoyed this cup, and I hope that Den’s Tea decides to start offering it.  It’s really rather wonderful!

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