Autumn Melody from Sanctuary T

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Sanctuary T

Product Description:

Feel golden even on a cold and rainy day with this week’s Autumn Melody, a blend of ginger, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and black assam tea leaves!

Tasters Review:

When I saw the dry mix and the list of ingredients the first thought I had was…that’s a whole-lotta-cardamom!

BUT…I still tried it!  I’m a tough cookie!

One thing I will say…I’m glad this didn’t have cinnamon in it!

The aroma isn’t very intense…mostly nutmeg and black tea and I was OK with that!

The color is a nice medium brown.

The Cardamom and Cloves are just about neck and neck taste-wise and the nutmeg is LOVELY!   For me…I think this NOT having Cinnamon and the fact the nutmeg really shined thru is what I LOVED about it!

This one surprised me and in a good way! The Nutmeg was perfect for this!  I was very glad I could taste it with the rest of the ingredients that were present!  The Cardamom wasn’t overpowering – which was a surprise – too – based on the amount my eyes saw in the dry blend!  I’m not complaining – this is just an observation…I ended up REALLY liking this Autumn Melody from Sanctuary T!

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