Organic Golden Monkey Black Tea from auraTeas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  auraTeas

Product Description:

Origin: Wuyishan, Fujian, China 武夷山‧福建‧中國
Style: Fully oxidized, full bodied, light roasted, fruit aroma
Loose leaf style: Slender tightly curled
Loose leaf color: Brown and gold
Wet leaf style: Crimson
Tea color: Golden Crimson
Certification: USDA, BCS, JAS certified organic

Golden Monkey is one of Wuyi Yen Cha (Wuyi Rock Tea, grown in spaces between mountain rocks) originated in Wuyi area of Fujian Province, China. It is one of the finest black tea from China. Golden Monkey tea is a mix of brown tea leaves and gold new buds, only hand processed in spring. Local legend says its name came from the monkeys help to harvest tea leaves grown in the crevices between rocks; modern interpretation is that the leaves look like monkey claws. Golden Monkey is full bodied with natural sweetness and fruity aroma, fully oxidized and light roasted. It is recommended to taste it without sugar and milk, you may open another door to black tea.

Taster’s Review:

I really like this tea.  It has such an interesting complexity to it.

It is robust and bold like a black tea should be, but it is not so overwhelmingly bold that it interferes with the ability to appreciate the layers of flavor that this tea has to offer.  It is smooth and bright tasting with a lightly drying astringency at the tail.

The tea presents a deliciously light sweetness that is fruity in character, but also has a warm, toasted quality to it as well.  It reminds me a bit of what a roasted plum might taste like.  There are some wine-like notes to this tea as well – not a bitter wine, but more of a fine, dry wine with a pleasant fruit finish.

And this tea MUST be infused a second time (and even a third!)  The flavor of the second infusion is every bit as delicious as the first, although it is a little different.  The flavor of the second steep is sweeter with a burnt-sugar caramel sweetness that lingers well into the finish.

This is an amazing black tea.  It has such a delightful flavor and pleasant sweetness that it really needs no additional sweetener.  I couldn’t imagine adding any sweetener to this!  It’s really perfect just the way it is.  I do recommend drinking it hot, though, as I found that some of the delicate nuances of this tea began to mute as it cooled.  It is best consumed straight up and hot!  YUM!

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